What we learned this week

is an initiative from Google that uses their mapping software to assess solar power potential. It’s not available everywhere yet, but it looks like a useful tool for calculating solar power on individual homes or across towns and regions.

“Proud to be ‘Last to Breaking News’” is, from the Slow Journalism Company. I haven’t read it yet, but a friend mentioned it this week and I like their ethos of returning to the news to see what really mattered.

Another magazine I discovered this week is , edited by Indian environmentalist Sunita Narain. Imagine The Ecologist produced in India and you’re on the right lines. It covers a great range of African stories and I will return to this one regularly.

In the fine print of US government documents, cutting back environmental standards is justified because . Some troubling logic the Washington Post highlights this week.

This week I read Malaysia’s (not to be confused with the Straits Times, which is from Singapore). It’s a good international paper, with a surprising amount of English football news, which is fine by me. Next week I’ll be reading , the Spanish newswire service.


  1. I read the entire Wall Street Journal last week on a plane. I loved it. It’s been years since I’ve read almost every article in a paper
    One semester in college I had to read 3 papers every day on top of my normal reading. No idea how I managed! But I do recall greatly enjoying the experience.

    1. A plane journey will do that sometimes, when there’s nowhere to go. I once read a newspaper in Italian during a long stopover, and I don’t even speak Italian…

      When I was a journalism student we were expected to read all the major papers every day, though obviously that’s a scan through most of the time. I learned a huge amount from it about how news works, and often doesn’t work.

      1. Haha! I tried to read an in flight magazine in Spanish once. My Spanish is horrible and I basically entertained my self for an hour.

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