What we learned this week

I came across recently, the online magazine from the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Definitely worth a look for thoughtful feature-length articles on sustainability.

Jeremy Leggett mentions another reason why nuclear power might not be a good solution in a warming world: a reactor in Sweden had to be switched off in heatwave conditions this week because the seawater it draws on was .

I built a new website for last week, a local community growing organisation I help out with. Go and have a look.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the themes of the blog really, but Benjamin Perry asked nicely if I’d help him with the . And since I’ve been camping this week, I shall oblige.

This week I’ve read , which is elegantly uncluttered. Since they don’t translate everything into English, you only get the most important stories, which is fine by me. Next week I’ll be reading whatever local papers I come across in Brittany, France.

That’s because I’m on holiday this coming week. In fact, I shall be on the ferry right around the time this scheduled post is published.  I’ll be taking a break, and normal service will resume shortly.

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