What we learned this week

Did you spot a weather presenter wearing a stripy tie this week? organised a nice little from the world’s weather folk through the use of ties, mugs and jewelery featuring the pattern above.

When I first wrote about ‘cultured meat’ in 2013, the animal-free product of biotechnology, the general consensus was that it was a decade away from being a commercial reality. But apparently the first products will hit restaurant menus in 2019, which makes it a good time to settle the question:

In case you missed it, on the day that the government said yes to Heathrow’s new runway, it . Later in the week they for a research facility in Wales to make nuclear power cheaper.

Dubai, never shy of shooting for the world’s biggest whatever, is home to .

That’s a story from Dubai’s which I’ve been reading this week, and which is refreshingly global in its interests. Next week I’ll be browsing The Local in both its and editions.

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  1. Thank you, Jeremy. Your search for new perspectives has also broadened my horizons, and I learn from your research and thinking every day.

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