What we learned this week

Tanzania has launched an offensive on the internet this week, with for a licence. That’s more than many Tanzanians earn in a year, and as well as crippling TZ’s blog community, it effectively kills off independent new reporting and forums where people report corruption.

British Columbia is holding a – another region trying to shuffle off the legacy of a Westminster-style first past the post voting system.

has a noticeable effect in unity, peace, and nation-building in Africa, according to some new research. It also builds pan-African pride, but I already knew that – the distance between Madagascar and Cameroon is about the same as England to Kazakhstan, but I still got the cold shoulder at my Malagasy school the day after England knocked Cameroon out of the 1990 World Cup.

I’ve written before about 3-D printed buildings, which up to now have been something of a novelty. That’s beginning to change, and a development in Eindhoven will be the .

Last week I read the news from . It’s the world’s third largest press agency, and very good it is too. My tour hasn’t taken me to Australia yet, so this coming week I’ll be reading , published out of my Grandma’s favourite city of Melbourne.

Among my favourite AFP articles this week was this in Vietnam.

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