What we learned this week

I probably came late to this, but I did a bit of a double take the other day while watching a TV programme on ITV, a somewhat rare occurence, and an . That’s the first time I’ve seen that, and hopefully not the last. Although why they’re advertising them by flooding streets like a climate apocalypse, I’m not quite sure.

I was looking for a little backpack for my daughter’s fifth birthday recently. I wanted something that was quality, that didn’t come branded with TV characters, and if possible I wanted to support an ethical business. I was pleased to discover German outdoor company , who do a nice line in child-sized rucksacks that are sustainably produced in a Fairwear certified factory.

On a related note, Vaude do a line of . I have no idea how you turn coffee grounds into fabric, and I can’t afford one of their jackets to see if it’s worthwhile, but I do like the idea.

In other ethical business news, . I love WakaWaka and would consider a micro-investment of my own .

This week I’ve been reading the as my main news source. It’s a useful snapshot of the main events around the world. Next week I’ll be turning to Argentina and reading the .

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