What we learned this week

I came across for the first time this week, a magazine dedicated to ‘fresh thinking in economics’.

I don’t like the framing of a ‘war on solar’, but NEF highlight how domestic in Britain in the last couple of years, as predicted.

If you’ve got time for a longer read, this is a well presented . If you’re yawning at the prospect, remember that plankton accounts for the oxygen in every other breath.

This has no practical value as far as I can see, but if you want to know what your local town centre would look like if it was taken back by nature, look it up on .

I’ve been reading Vox.com this week, though it’s been book deadline week and I’ve hardly read the news at all. Still, Vox is great for summing up issues and fact checking, particularly on US stories. Not so good for breaking news or international stories. Where next? , which I didn’t know existed until one of you good folks pointed it out when I was taking suggestions. As a bulleted list of what’s happening in the world right now, at roughly a page a day, it’s the kind of thing I need during a busy period.

While I’m here, I’d like to read the news from Scandinavia. Can anyone recommend an English language news site?


  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for your blog, I follow you since I was living in England 5 years ago, I really like your approach to and the way you summarize important issues.

    As an expat in Copenhagen, I can recommend The Murmur It is not too much about breaking news, but more on important political and social issues in the city and Denmark in general.

    Good luck with your book 🙂



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  2. Hi again,

    Just remembered they shut down the past December…sorry, big changes these pasts months kept me away from local news. This is an alternative international newspaper for Copenhagen as well:



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