What we learned this week

Lorenzo Fioramonti, having just been elected as an MP, has been in Italy. (I reviewed Fioramonti’s most recent book here)

The Campaign for Better Transport is calling for rail reopening fund to bring old railway lines back into use. You can .

I’ve been inspired by America’s young people this week. There was a lot of talk about young people last year, with ‘youthquake’ being Oxford University’s word of the year. But the this week feel like a more significant expression of that.

This week I’ve been reading the news on , which I generally find to be a quality international news site. Next week I’ll be reading the headlines from a couple of different German sources, and .

Lots of people have read about the Edinburgh Remakery and wanted to know how to set up something similar in their own town. The good news is that the founder has moved on to set up the to help others try it.

Meanwhile in Luton, some friends and I are organising the to gauge interest in repair and keep stuff out of landfill. Bring your broken things along and our volunteers will take a look at it (not me, I’m doing some junk modelling with the children). If you have repair skills, whether that’s sewing, computers, bikes, tools or toys, we’d love to have you along too.

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