UK transport emissions overtake energy

In November 2016 I wrote about transport in Britain, and how it was the sector of the economy that was making the least progress on reducing emissions. Since it takes a while to calculate the statistics, those were the 2014 figures. They showed that 31% of Britain’s carbon footprint was from our energy supply, with transport in second place at 23%.

Last week the , and it shows the consequences of ignoring transport emissions for so long. It’s now leapfrogged energy and is the biggest source of emissions at 26%. We’re using less coal, so emissions from energy have fallen, while transport emissions have risen by 2%.

Just as a reminder, 70% of the transport sector is classified as ‘surface transport’ – and over 90% of that is road traffic. We’re talking about cars. Car culture is one of the biggest challenges to a sustainable future in Britain, and should be a top priority.

I wrote about transport every week last year. Perhaps I need to keep it up.


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