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If cyclists planned the roads…

Last week I mentioned Blackfriars station and its solar bridge, but the station redesign has been in the news for a different reason this week. Cyclists are disappointed about the re-design of the roads around the station, arguing that they have been planned entirely with cars in mind.

They will be , but to raise awareness of the dangers of the current plans and to show how they could be improved, they have also developed a cyclist-friendly alternative.

Here is the proposed layout:

And here’s what it might look like if the cyclists got their way:

For more, see the .


  1. Factor in the cost of such a conversion and you have your answer. It’s a great plan, but cities are built over a period of centuries.

  2. And If someone is wrong for centuries, then they’re still wrong. How many more people have to die because of inefficiency before we say enough is enough? As far as cost of building goes, we need the resources and materials not made up money. I’m for a push in the right direction.

  3. Yes, I don’t have a picture of it as it is now. The junction is due to be redeveloped, and since cities develop over centuries, it’s absolutely vital to get it right when the opportunity comes along.

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