Peak oil and resource depletion

Climate change requires us to reduce our use of fossil fuels, and given our dependence on them, that’s a serious challenge. Gathering the political will to wean ourselves off oil because of climate change would be difficult, but there is another compelling reason that makes it a double imperative – they’re not making any more of it. Supplies of oil and gas are limited, and we’re rapidly using up the cheapest and most accessible supplies. Our use of them is unsustainable in the long term.

We currently use oil at the rate of 87 million barrels a day. That’s four times faster than we’re finding new supplies, so it’s only logical that we can’t go on forever.

Like climate change however, some people are still asking if peak oil is a real problem or not, claiming that reserves are still vast and that we’ll find more.

So what does the end of cheap oil mean?

Oil isn’t the only thing running down.

In short, resource depletion and peak oil in particular present us with a set of very real limits. Demand is still rising, and at some point the oil companies will not be able to keep with supply. The price of oil will soar, and the more dependent on oil we are, the more vulnerable we will be.


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    oil will last for 11 years then theres electric cars

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