What we learned this week

  • Under new , studying the Second World War will be non-compulsory, but children will have to master Twitter.
  • In probably unrelated news, . Watch this space.
  • . For the architecture, the history, and the migratory birds of course – nothing to do with the frisson of holidaying in a war zone.
  • There are now for every person on the planet. Not much to work with on our own, but imagine what we could do if we pooled them and had 41,833,575,424 pieces to play with. There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

Number10 online, and a twittering Gordon Brown

I don’t know if any of you use , the instant update site. I joined it recently for one reason: Gordon Brown is on it. Well, one of his aides is anyway. The posts updates throughout the day on what the Prime Minister is up to, who he is meeting, with links to speeches made or to details of agreements reached. There’s also a , and it’s a wordpress blog no less. 

On the one hand, it really doesn’t make much difference to my day what Gordon Brown is up to. On the other, it’s democracy at its most immediate, a connection between the politician and the people he speaks for. On a week like today, where crucial meetings are taking place on poverty, malaria, water and sanitation, and HIV/AIDS, I really care about Brown’s agenda and the outcomes of his meetings, so it’s great to be able to follow along from a distance. 

I notice is still in beta. Here’s my vote for keeping it.