Every once in a while I have a question that nobody appears to have answered. When that happens, I do my own investigation. That can be a little time consuming, so all the more reason to share the results with the broadest possible audience. Here are a few. Please bear in mind that they may not be as up to date as they could be.

Why are some countries poor?
There are lots of competing theories about poverty and development, and why some countries fall behind. This series of posts has more visitors than anything else on the blog.

Which is the best carbon footprint calculator?
There are dozens of online carbon footprint calculators, and if you’ll get wildly different results from them. Here’s my analysis.

Which is the most ethical bank?
A comparison of the ethical policies of UK high street banks.

Which is the most ethical oil company?
Like it or not, most of us need to fill the tank somewhere.

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