What we learned this week

Labour has announced plans to create a , something that I wrote about on the blog ten years ago.

2020 is a nice round numbered year, and as such there are all sorts of targets of things to achieve by 2020, from a zero landfill San Francisco to a zero net deforestation McDonalds. to see how many of them are being met.

10:10 (an organisation named after the last round numbered year, incidentally) are organising an open letter from MPs to Teresa May asking her to act to lift the Conservative governmment’s de facto moratorium on onshore wind power. You can to ask them to sign it, and it’ll take you two minutes.

Evidence that Shell is moving beyond oil: they have and will provide 100% renewable electricity. Evidence that they aren’t moving anywhere: customers will get discounts at Shell petrol stations.

The oil giant Saudi Aramco hasn’t traditionally declared its earnings. This week it did, revealing it to be the . Observers also noted that the , something I remember Matthew Simmons predicting in his book Twilight in the Desert.

Last year we hosted a fix-it day in the High Town part of Luton and, belatedly, here’s a video about it:


  1. Simon JM says:

    I wonder if Shell and other companies who have stalled a move to renewables should now be able to have their cake and eat it by profiting from renewables? Even if in one sense it is a pragmatic approach it still stinks to high heaven.

    1. There are all kinds of reasons for Shell and co to want to move into renewables, not least to protect themselves against any future decarbonisation. It’s also possible that they will buy up the competition and then underfund it or even close it down, which they’ve done before. That crossed my mind when Shell bought an electric car charging network recently.

      With the vast funds at their disposal, they should be able to switch or at least diversify into renewable energy. It would also be great to see them and their toxic legacy wither away.

  2. Jan Dyer says:

    Hi Jeremy

    Great idea – but why don’t you join the growing Repair Cafe network in UK? I co-founded Malvern Hills Repair Cafe in 2012 ( ) and it’s still thriving. With Awards for All funding we helped six other Repair Cafes to open in the area in 2015 and are just awaiting the result of a second funding bid to develop Repair Cafe West Midlands. We’re also considering a Repair Cafe UK network. It feels as though the Fix it day was based on the Repair Cafe idea. Did you ask for donations?

    Regards Jan Dyer Chair, Repair Cafe Malvern Hills


    On Sat, Apr 6, 2019 at 1:03 PM Make Wealth History wrote:

    > Jeremy Williams posted: “Labour has announced plans to create a national > bank based around the post office, something that I wrote about on the blog > ten years ago. 2020 is a nice round numbered year, and as such there are > all sorts of targets of things to achieve by 2020, from” >

  3. We may well do that. This event was to gauge interest and see how many skilled repairers we have in our community.

    We didn’t ask for donations for the repair day, as it had been fully funded by a community participative budgeting fund.

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