What we learned this week

Hydropower has made some African nations the first to run on entirely clean energy – until changing . A reminder that not all clean energy is renewable.

Diverse forests store more carbon, according to new research. gives a good run down of why we should be planting  a greater range of trees for carbon and for wildlife.

I’m sure everyone’s seen it by now, but if not, check out how .

This week I’ve read the news on , an independent media organisation. It did cover some overlooked stories, such as Yemen, or the likely failure of certain development goals. But it did so with an unnecessary degree of paranoia, its focus on ‘unspoken truths’ often amounting to little more than unsubstantiated allegations. Next week I’ll be reading the , which I expect to be more robust in its journalism.

This was the view from the street this week as we finally got solar panels installed on our house, the next step in wrestling our 1920s terrace into the 21st century.


  1. DevonChap says:

    The lovely Adam Smith Institute have been humming a similar turn as you on artificial meat with extra points about it helping defeat antibiotic resistance.

  2. Great, that’s the second report from this year that I’ve agreed with. Some good work on direct transfers and basic income a few months back. Thanks for the link.

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