What we learned this week

If you’ve got time for something a little longer, the on Henry George and the land value tax.

The is worth a visit. It’s been rebuilt around maps of conflict zones that show both incidences of violence and peacemaking projects.

I’m not quite sure why you wouldn’t go for battery storage instead, but I do like off-grid solar devices. A company called Cello has made .

I wrote about electric barges a couple of months ago, and are growing in popularity too.

In my news project I’ve been reading the . The website has too many pop-ups and notifications, and the newspaper is clogged with celebrity gossip. But in between, there are a great many stories that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. I will return to India with a different paper later in the year. This coming week I will shift over to .

I need your help for the week after that – I’d like to read the news from a German perspective, and I’m not confident that I have the best source yet. The big papers have English translations for features, but not so much for world news. The German edition of the online news service might do, but what would you recommend?


  1. Wolfgang Koerner says:

    Dear Jeremy,
    Thanks for your always thoughtful and relevant contributions to the progressive-sustainable discussion.
    For German news in English, I can recommend:
    Point Clare

    1. Yes, I like Das Spiegel, but their English articles are mainly features. I might read them alongside other sources for a fuller perspective.

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