What we learned this week

I’ve argued for the right to recall MPs on the blog before. I am reconsidering my opinion on the matter since reading this – although we do still need a solution for negligent MPs.

Last week I wrote about the link between smoking and poverty, and how helping people quit could be a good target for philanthropists. But the , I discover.

“What the government wants us to think about what it’s up to, and what it’s actually doing behind the scenes, are rarely the same thing” on the Conservatives’ new environmental crusade.

I’ve been thinking about cryptocurrency this week, and those using it for more worthwhile things that speculating. is a blockchain based reward scheme that pays people for returning plastic bottles.

This week I’ve been reading French newspaper , which I’ve found excellent on world news and on the environment. From tomorrow I’ll be returning to Britain and getting my news with a Northern perspective from .

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