What we learned this week

  • Another article on one of the great under-reported good news stories of our time – the unexplained fall in violence all across the developed world.
  • If everyone lived in a eco-village, we still wouldn’t have a sustainable lifestyle, Sam Alexander points out.
  • Ethical Consumer have a special report on transport.
  • Dirk Philipsen gives a concise introduction to the problems with GDP for The Long and Short.

One comment

  1. DevonChap says:

    Oh dear.

    GDP isn’t the only indicator used for public policy. Unemployment and inflation are just two others that have great influence on policy and debate.

    But then that would not help the argument that politicians think growth is everything and it is destroying the planet.

    But I also notice that the criticisms of GDP aren’t that it overvalues public spending (which it does). That would go against the pro government spending position of the GDP critics.

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