What we learned this week

  • The Cowboys stadium in Dallas, the world’s largest air conditioned room, than the whole country of Liberia. So says Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and she is .
  • The Finnish government is spraying reindeer’s paint in order to avoid car accidents.


  1. DevonChap says:

    May seem pedantic but the article says the Cowboys use more electricity than Liberia. That is not the same as power. Electricity is one form of power but not the only one.

  2. justnickoli says:

    The 800,000 people have left the big six link is broken (http:// missing)

    I’m one of those 800,000, partly due to wanting to switch to “greener” energy, and partly because e.on wrote to me and tried to convince me that switching me to a more expensive tariff was a price cut.

  3. Two mistakes in such a short post – slack. Have corrected both, thank you.

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