Some simple living links

My recent post on 10 myths about simple living has prompted a couple of people to get in touch, and I thought I might do a round-up of related links.

  • Samuel Alexander and the are producing some great research on downsizing and post-growth lifestyles. If you consider yourself to be living a life of voluntary simplicity in any way, head on over and .
  • is the more community-focused side of the Institute, and the website is a nice mix of the thought-provoking and the poetic.
  • I recently met Jeff White from , which has been inspiring people to live simply since 1972. “If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed” says their flyer.
  • Adrian recently wrote from , a group that encourages churches to think through their environmental impact. It represents 274 churches in Scotland, and has related news and information. The broader site has networks in England and Wales, Ireland, Norway and Canada.
  • also works with churches to inspire Christians to think through their lifestyles, and is run by , the only Christian conservation agency I’m aware of.



  1. Jeremy really impressed with your style and simplicity of advocating for living ‘simply happy’. I think there is also a lot to gain from moneyless life, which is inspiringly documented in a few places but one of the best – Mark Boyle and a great video of him –

    Cheers, d’Arcy.

  2. Yes, I’ve thought about that a little. Pretty radical stuff, especially once you’ve got a family! I’m a big fan of Freecycle though, and neighbourly swaps, and other ways of getting what you need without monetary transactions.

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