What we learned this week

  • Bold move from the US this week, as Obama announces new for the nation’s road vehicles.
  • Chris Mooney wonders why everyone tries to link the tornadoes to climate change when there is little evidence, but doesn’t attempt the same thing with
  • Teachers, Practical Action’s ‘‘ would look great on your classroom wall.
  • , full stop? Any guesses?


  1. How do they come up with this arbitary $1.25 figure? Surely it makes much more sense to come with a measurement of how much they can buy with their income. I have just worked out I live on an average €2.38 in Northern Italy (I earn €50 a week for a household of 3). If it wasn’t for the fact that I own a small piece of land for personal food production and that I own the roof over my head I wouldn’t be able to support myself on this.

    1. There’s more going on behind the $1.25 than meets the eye, and the figure was chosen in 2008 – previously poverty rates were set at $1 a day or less. .

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