Make Wealth History 2.0: a 2010 makeover

My brother Paul and I started Make Wealth History in April 2007, out of a sense of frustration at the injustices of the world and the lack of action around them. I was reading about climate change for the first time. Paul was reading about the arms trade. It seemed like there were so many things wrong with the world, and so little being done about it. As we talked, we began to recognise some of the links between things, how interconnected everything is. Debt, conflict, climate change, poverty, unfair trade, all seemed to impact each other. The more we looked, the more we saw, and the more we realised we didn’t know.

We set up the blog to document our efforts to understand what was wrong with the world. We had no answers, but thought it was worth sharing the journey. We began reading, investigating, making connections, and discussing what we were finding out, first with family and friends, and then with an increasingly broad network of visitors.

Three years later, I’ve read over 150 books, and dozens more reports and studies. I’ve met politicians, NGOs and entrepreneurs, been to conferences and festivals and film premieres. All kinds of fascinating people have got in touch. Last week we published our 1,000th post.

Which makes it about time we revisited the site and its aims.

As an exploration, a simple blog was fine. Now that we’ve got a few solutions up our sleeves too, those deserve a permanent home on the site. I’m going to be adding more static pages, introducing the problems and the solutions. And we’ve got three years’ worth of content. Some of it is rightly buried in the archives, but there’s plenty that’s useful, and that needs a format with more room to feature the good stuff.

So, we’re moving to a more magazine-like format, with relevant features at the top and more posts on show. It might get a bit scruffy during the transition, so bear with us. And let me know what you think.


  1. JOHN WALNE says:

    I like this website. Only just heard about it thanks to a TV programme.

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