Pothole gardens

The snow and ice created a lot of new potholes this winter. We could fill them in, or we could do what Brighton-based artist did, and turn them into. They’re pretty, and they slow the traffic down too.

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  1. A sweet idea!

    I really hope people *don’t* follow Mr. Dungey’s example though as the road is treacherous enough for motorcyclists without people actively adding to the soft detritus spread across our roads…

  2. Yes, I won’t be making any myself, although most of the danger is going to be in installation. Once the garden is there it’s probably safer than a large hole, as it’s easier to spot it in the road.

  3. As a bi-cycle rider I rate potholes as about a No 3 on the Derailer death-threats scale, so ANYTHING that alerts me to one upcoming BEFORE I have to swerve is welcome. Mind you, the streets around here in central London, when they’re not being dug up, are mostly that busy that you’d need a nigh on indestructible plant to survive! Greeat pic!

  4. A small town in northern germany came up with a brilliant way to cover up potholes, although it wasn’t as esthetically pleasing as the idea in your post. The town council sold the renovation of potholes to people, in return for a personalized message on the new concrete. Several newspaper and TV channels have already bought potholes to advertise their brands 🙂