Warmer homes, greener homes

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Lou and I are embarking on the next stage of renovating and greening our 1920s terrace house this week. Today the windows people are in, replacing the upstairs windows. I popped down to the town hall this morning and borrowed a thermal imaging camera from the climate change team, so I could get a before and after shot or two to see what a difference double glazing makes. Here’s the little window in the bathroom:

That’s better – look at the colour of that glass.

I’ll also be using the camera to identify where the loft insulation is laid badly, and for pinpointing the source of drafts, and then I’ll be doing the same for any neighbours and friends who’d like to tackle their cold houses. A couple of us on the Transition Luton team have been trained in using the camera. As we get more familiar with it and the software, we’re hoping to be able to offer a thermography survey as one of our local energy projects, showing people where they’re losing heat and exploring what they might like to do about it.

Insulation projects should be an easy win – getting your house in order will save you money and make it warmer and more comfortable, as well as reducing energy use and CO2 emissions. Thermal imaging is a very visual and striking way to see where things are going wrong. (And you can get images from the air as well – if you live in Luton, you can look up your postcode here and see if you need to boost your loft insultation.)

Insulation and home improvement is high on the government’s agenda too, and Ed Milliband announced a number of measures this week at the Ecobuild Exhibition. The Warm Homes, Greener Homes strategy aims to reduce carbon emissions from housing by 29% in the next ten years, insulating 6 million lofts by the end of 2011.


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