Stoke on Trent is the first 10:10 city

Who’d have thought? Last night Stoke on Trent became the commitment. The council, the college, Staffordshire University, businesses, churches, Port Vale Football club, and several schools have all signed up, making it a city-wide initiative.

Quite a surprise. I lived in Stoke on Trent for four years, and it never struck me as a hot-bed of environmental forward thinking. It is however, a place in need of renewal, and the greening of Stoke could have far-reaching effects. With the potteries going or gone, the industrial heart of Stoke on Trent has crumbled. A re-invention as a green pioneer could be a hugely successful idea, showing plenty of other towns how climate change action can be positive, creating jobs and local pride.

It’s also a great boost for the 10:10 organisation. “It is hugely exciting to see Stoke-on-Trent become the first 10:10 city” , director of 10:10. “This is what 10:10 is all about – people and groups, committed to combating climate change, coming together to pack a punch far greater than they could have on their own. Seeing this in action here in Stoke strengthens my conviction that Britain will be a leader in demonstrating that people can and will take action to turn climate change around.”

10:10 in Stoke appears to be largely the work of , long standing Stoke on Trent North MP and member of the committee behind the Climate Change Bill. She will be attending the Copenhagen summit, and it’s great to see an MP dealing with climate change at both the global and local level.


  1. Wow! That’s really surprising, but it’s made my day.

  2. First of many towns I hope. With kind of public support surely we should be pushing for a much stronger climate agreement in Copenhagen in December!

  3. Very interested in thisInitiative – hoping to develop complimentary programmes of work. Any networking meetings coming up or other information would be gratefully recieved.
    I believe Stoke could lead the rest of the country in this initiative – so much brownfield land with little prospects of immediate development.
    Thanks fo ryour article.

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for your interest. I’m not aware of any network meetings, but I haven’t been following it since the initial launch. I would hope there is a network of some kind to keep track of progress, but I imagine you’d have to have an ear to the local media to find it.

    2. There is a network for 1010 in Stoke at
      I too think the movement is well suited to Stoke. We retain a lot of connections with the green space within the towns, allotments are still popular and we have lots of good walks along the greenways, parks and canals. We also have a history of technological innovation, especially when you look at how ceramics were exported around the world as table ware and electrical components through the centuries.
      It’s nice to see our ‘lack of development’ being viewed in positive terms for once 🙂

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