If things are a little slow on the blog this week

it’s because Lou and I have bought a house, we’ll be moving in ten days time, and it currently looks like this:

Okay, that was actually a couple of days ago, but you get the picture. That’s the kitchen, by the way.

Today Paul and I had the joyous task of moving the compost heap across the neighbourhood. I got the compost in the wheelbarrow, Paul carried the bin on his head, Malagasy style. The builders skimmed the walls with some exotic Polish render, the in-laws painted skirting boards, and Dad patched the roof of the bomb shelter. Yes, really.

I have also discovered that the back alley that used to be the access lane for garages is now a prime foraging spot, and I shall be raiding the blackberry bushes imminently.


  1. Joshua says:

    Congrats! Big move! I would HIGHLY recommend making some blackberry wine if you have such easy access – give it a year or two and it will be the best wine you have every had – trust me, this is my older blo: mapleleafmeadery.com – I brew beer and make wine/mead in my spare time. Jack Keller’s wine site is a good place for recipes, it’s easy and cheap to make.

    Congrats again, Jeremy!

    1. Jeremy says:

      Thanks for the links – that’s a great idea, and a skill that would be fun to learn. I’ll check those out.

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