things we have learned this week

Every week I come across dozens more things than I can possibly write about. I underline things in books, scribble in the margins, tear out newspaper articles, and make mental notes. Most of those things are then ignored or forgotten. So, herewith a roundup of this week’s miscellanea. (I was going to post it on the weekend, but I forgot.)

    • You know how we were saying derivatives don’t have any intrinsic worth? According to the New Economics Foundation, there are $60,000 billion worth of credit derivatives in play on the London market.
    • Vladimir Putin has a doctorate from the St Petersburg Mining Institute. 
    • After Hurrican Katrina, over different countries sent aid to the US, including Afghanistan and Iraq.
    • The people who own think it is worth $2,500. I don’t. 
    • When it is practically raining free fruit in the form of blackberries and windfall apples, the BBC’s Good Food site helpfully recommends . It is complicated, but it is tasty.


    1. Liz Barany says:

      Crumble cake looks great, but I just toss apple slices and blackberries in a pie dish and throw oats, flour, brown sugar, ginger, and a little baking soda on top, mixed with cut in cold butter and you’re set.
      Why does it seem I can only comment on food today? Hmm…anyway, keep up the good work and give Lou a hug for me.

    2. Hmm, that sounds a lot simpler. I may well do that in future.

      Hug duly delivered!

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