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There’s an in the current issue of Newsweek, about how environmental problems are being tackled through consumer choice rather than political lobbying. Where an earlier generation would have been marching and holding demonstrations, young activists today are investing in marketing, technology and grassroots networks to change people’s minds. Will marketing save the world? It’s an interesting question…

It also caught my eye because it mentions one of my favourite bands, Guster, who are championing environmental issues in American colleges through their ‘Campus Consciousness’ tours. One of them also founded with his wife, a non-profit agency linking the music industry and enviromental activism.


  1. I noticed your blog entry about Reverb and I wanted to let you
    know about a contest Adam Gardner of Guster is judging. SIGG is a recyclable, reusable water bottle company. Their water bottles are toted by celebrities and us regular folks alike because of their great design and eco-friendly existence. The bottles are a stylish way to get a little greener. In order to find the next
    great eco-design for their bottles SIGG is running a great contest, which you can find at . Adam Gardner will be judging the top ten vote getters along with Inhabitat bloggers, Jill Fehrenbacher and Emily Pilloton, for a final winner.

    I hope you’ll find this of interest, and let me know if you’d like any additional information or any graphics. Thank you.

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